Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well Everyone, Tonight was a good night.
And My belief of New Years Eve sucks ass has officially been changed.
Even though I did not get to spend time with my boyfriend who was a at a party, I got to spend time with a friend instead. So far the year has started off well and i really did enjoy myself..its sooo funny. Something and SOmeone has changed my thought on today and it was great!
But As the New Year has started...I lost my internship :( because of my mother, and my boyfriend is somewhat upset with me. But I will not let this all ruin my day or year. Plenty Great Things will be coming my way. I love life, and hope to live to see many more New years.
And I will follow through my New years resolution of not letting people walk all over me, and learn to be strong! I will love myself more and not let anyone put me down. But yea..ttyl lol

I hope you all have a great year and that you all had fun tonight!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Years Eve

So tomorrow is New Years Eve, which everyone is looking forward to, to make their new years resolution, get drunk, have fun, and party..Right? Well I won't this is how it's all going down. Im not lookin forward to Nou;ew Years EVe. I already know once it's 2010 and the excitement is over[which there will be none for me] Our Lives will go back to normal. Everyone struggling to keep on to their resolutions..give it a week and you'll forget about it. I know that on New Years Eve and New Years day and the day after that and that day after that day..aint shit going to change for me...I can feel the disastrous moments coming..and the emotional breakdowns...SO for now I say fuck New Years Eve..because the past 3 New years eve i stayed home and went to bed parties no invitations..until SOmething or someone changes my thought on New Years I shall stick to my thoughts. I will see If I am able to accomplish my new years resolution[I cant believe Im making some]: I will stop letting people step all over me, and stop being so nice all the time even when Im hurt...wait i take the last part back but I will stop letting people step all over me...:D ya happy[to all my friends] sheesh!!!

So umm i mean i guess you can say happy new years to me...but Idk if that will change my may bring a smile on my face. tehe

I love you guys.
And I hope you all have a great new years...just dont boast in my face bout it.

Jammy J

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve...Im back bXtches

Well It's Christmas Eve and IM SURE IN THE SPIRIT!!..ha
This time is about giving right? Well I got my boyfriend a black v-neck that he had wanted for awhile to match this sexy cardigan he got from Urban Outfitters, I got my best friend some expensive sexytimeee lotion, my little sister a necklace making kit, my bro ther some action figure toys, and my mom a beauty kit that's organic and all that good stuff!!! And And I made Homemade Christmas Cards that are soooooo cute.
I love christmas and i hope my new years doesnt suck like last year where i went to sleep at 7pm because my boyfriend was out partying...I think it might be the same this year. FML haha
I hope I get invited to a party and get WASTEDDDD...jk (i dont drink)

Jammmm the Killer