Saturday, April 3, 2010


Yesterday was a Marvelousss Day Outside :) and of course its the end of spring break, i wouldnt call it spring break for me, considering I was babysitting the ENTIREEE time..making no $$$. But because of the lovely weather I decided to take my brother and sister on a mini picnic in the Columbia Heights Area, by Pollo Granjero, Ritas, and STICKY FINGERS. We brought our lunches, and bought a treat from sticky fingers. yummmm two delicious vegan cupcakes! :)

We had a delightful time, and then I went shopping in Georgetown...and that is why it was a marveloussss day!

I've been slacking once again...Lately Ive been on tumblr, only because its fun to look at everyone elses fashion photos that they find. And of course because I have like 42 followers :).

But I have come back to blogger to let you DC and other state folks to know that there is this cool place called the Fridge. The Fridge hosts art shows, events, and art classes, which is soooo awesome!...Here are some pics from a day at the Fridge with my two siblings, and a few others who were taking a photography class! :D :D